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stop smoking with Hypnosis Therapy STOP SMOKING
Decrease Anxiety and Stress with Hypnosis TherapyANXIETY & STRESS
get rid of addictions with Hypnosis TherapyADDICTIONS


We provide hypnosis for people who want to control their weight, stop smoking, eliminate addictions, and reduce anxiety and depression.  Why Hypnosis works:

  • Your mind is the most powerful muscle you have and is in control even when you’re unaware of it.
  • Willpower will be a wasted effort without first getting your mind aligned to overpower temptation.
  • Hypnosis has been clinically proven to produce results.
  • We at TNT Hypnosis have first hand experience with hypnosis changing our lives both in weight control and smoking.
  • All  sessions are performed by a trusted specialist in the field of hypnosis to promote and guide your new behaviors.

HYPNOSIS WORKS:  The results are astronomical and the benefits can be life changing. If you have the desire to improve your life for the better, you have to change your mind and then your behavior will follow.  In short, you’ve already hypnotized your mind to do behaviors that hurt you, now you just have to hypnotize your mind to choose the good behaviors that promote your health rather than the bad behavior that you’re used to. And hypnosis can be the catalyst to make those improvements.  Book Your Hypnosis Appointment Today!


weight control with Hypnosis Therapy

DIETS ARE BIG BUSINESS.  Over 55.2 percent of Americans are considered overweight…with more every year. Over half of the U.S. population will go on a diet this year, next year and the year after. The average diet will last three days. Helping others stay slim and trim is BIG business. Americans consume $30 billion worth of diet books, products, videos, wired jaws, stomach staples and diet pills a year. GUESS WHAT, THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE. HYPNOSIS!!! Hypnosis isn’t magic; its results just seem to be! With Hypnosis you evoke permanent lifestyle changes BECAUSE YOU TRAIN YOUR MIND TO automatically choose better food and stay in shape. Hypnosis gives people a chance to witness their inner wisdom and love themselves more. Hypnosis literally helps people live longer.  You will change from hopeless to hope, low self esteem to confidence, illness to wellness and insecurity to pride… all with powerful HYPNOSIS.  – Back to Top

stop smoking with Hypnosis Therapy

 A TRUE STORY: My father smoked and I wanted to be just like him. At age eleven I swiped a couple of his cigarettes and the rest is history.  I smoked for 40 years and when I turned 50 I met the love of my life who was a non-smoker and she told me that my clothing as well as my body smelled of tobacco and that it exuded from my pores.  My lungs were very congested and each morning as I awoke, I would sit on the side of the bed and my wife would beat my back to clear my lungs. Fortunately I had taken a course in SELF HYPNOSIS and I put it to work for me. Today I am a non smoker and have never regretted giving up the cancer sticks. How wonderful it is to be smoke free and my body and all my clothing smell good. Thank you my darling wife.  – Back to Top

Decrease Anxiety and Stress with Hypnosis Therapy

HYPNOSIS TEACHES YOU HOW TO RELAX. Stress may overwork your adrenal, blood pressure, and heart rate as your digestion slows and immune response weakens. When properly channeled with HYPNOSIS and positive self talk, stress can evoke motivation, energy and pro-action. It is important to learn to use your sub-conscious mind and RELAX.  - Back to Top


Get rid of addictions with Hypnosis Therapy

THERE ARE MANY FORMS OF ADDICTION. Hard drugs, heroin, opiates, analgesics etc, Hallucinogens, inhalants, sugar, artificial sweeteners, etc. I can go on and on, Help is here. HYPNOSIS CAN HELP YOU TO BECOME WHOLE AGAIN.- Back to Top


Hypnosis Works

  • Lose Weight
  • Stop Smoking
  • Decrease Anxiety
  • Reduce Stress
  • Eliminate Addictions


  • I smoked for 40 years. Today I am a non smoker and have never regretted giving up the cancer sticks. Thank Goodness for Hypnosis.

  • "Hypnosis helped me control my weight. I even had to order a smaller uniform for my job. "

    American Airlines Client
  • "I started listening to the hypnosis tape at night before bed and occasionally in the mornings too. I noticed a change in my behavior; it helps me make better choices with my nutrition without any effort."


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