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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis Therapy by TNT Hypnosis

I stopped smoking over thirty years ago through applying self-hypnosis. I smoked for over forty years. I started smoking at the age of eleven when I started stealing my dad’s cigarettes.

When I met and married my wife, Norma, I was not in good health. I had a constant cough, I suffered from COP and I was basically in very poor health.

A friend suggested that I consider hypnosis to stop smoking and that triggered my memory on self-hypnosis that I had learned years ago. I applied that process of self-hypnosis and was successful in eliminating my dependency on cigarettes and I stopped smoking.

Because of my success with stopping my addiction to smoking, it has become my wife Dr.   Norma and my mission to help others to improve their health.

Our goal is to teach others by helping them with weight loss, to help them stop smoking, to teach them ways to eliminate stress and anxiety and any type of dependency that is blocking them from having good health and a positive quality of life.

In fact, I’ve even noticed that my own waistline has gone down in size due to my hypnosis sessions with some of my weight control hypnosis clients.

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Hypnosis Works

  • Lose Weight
  • Stop Smoking
  • Decrease Anxiety
  • Reduce Stress
  • Eliminate Addictions


  • I smoked for 40 years. Today I am a non smoker and have never regretted giving up the cancer sticks. Thank Goodness for Hypnosis.

  • "Hypnosis helped me control my weight. I even had to order a smaller uniform for my job. "

    American Airlines Client
  • "I started listening to the hypnosis tape at night before bed and occasionally in the mornings too. I noticed a change in my behavior; it helps me make better choices with my nutrition without any effort."


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